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Colorful, Smooth and Long Lasting eyes are shadowed with E.Y.E Creams by Mehron. The Makeup Experts at Mehron have developed this super creamy to powder eye creams that can be used as a eyeshadow or eye liner using their 80 years of experience producing Makeup for the Performers. E.Y.E Cream are concentrated, making them easy to use for highlighting, shadowing, contouring and lining the beauty of your eyes. Don't hide your eyes, accent their natural beauty with the effervescent colors of E.Y.E Creams by Mehron. These E.Y.E Creams are made to provide a smooth application over cream and cake bases.

107N 79
Eye Cream Amethyst
107N 123
Eye Cream Chestnut Brown
107N 157
Eye Cream Deep Blue
107N 199
Eye Cream Gold
107N 200
Eye Cream Golden Rose
107N 204
Eye Cream Honey Tan
107N 215
Eye Cream Jet Black
107N 226
Eye Cream Light Blue
107N 229
Eye Cream Light Chrome Green
107N 239
Eye Cream Light Purple
107N 152
Eye Cream Olive Green
107N 323
Eye Cream Silver
107N 356
Eye Cream Turquoise
107N 363
Eye Cream White
107N 368
Eye Cream Yellow
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